Saturday, 22 September 2012

Get rid bed bugs products

Bed Bug Powder 

Diatomaceous Earth can sometimes come in the form of amorphous. However, it is important that you purchase the food grade form. According to many reviewers, the Diatomaceuous Earth Food Grade – Nature’s Wisdom works wonders. This form is toxic and can cause silicosis. The food grade form is considered safe and is used as a food additive. There is a natural/organic powder you can try. It is also fed to livestock to prevent digestive infestations.   

Diatomaceous Earth Food Grade works by dehydrating the bug when it coats itself by walking through on its way to feast on your blood! Some people have tried flea and tick powder and have had good results, as well. However, they are not generally all natural. Once you make a decision, sprinkle the powder in a perimeter around your room.

Choosing a bed bug spray is where life can get confusing They will also begin to eliminate the breeding cycle. Bed bug sprays used in conjunction with powders will increase the death rate of bed bugs, as well as any other crawling insects you may have.  

Simply put, there are way too many products available to choose from and it can get overwhelming. I did some research on the “top five” all natural bed bug sprays. I will also introduce you to one that is not entirely all natural, but has been said to be less abrasive for those who would rather go the chemical route.

They are all 100% natural and non-toxic; however, it appears that BugPatrol is the only one that offers long-term protection. Through independent research, the following information was obtained on the above top five bed bug sprays. They all kill bugs on contact and kill the eggs. They are all safe for children and pets and none of them require vacuuming They are all ready to use and have a pleasant odor.

It is also very popular because it is the only bed bug control product that is a disinfectant, insecticide, fungicide, germicide, sanitizer, deodorant, mildew, and bactericide that is registered with the EPA. Sterifab is one that is not completely all natural; however, it is considered less abrasive than chemical insecticides because it does not contain any perfume, dyes, or harsh solvents. Keep in mind that while it less abrasive, it is still not safe for humans or pets

Treat the windowsills, electrical sockets, and light fixtures. Make sure you treat every crevice in the room. Don’t forget to treat where your curtains hang When you apply the spray, start in the baseboard areas and under the carpets. Start at the end of the room that is opposite of your doorway, so you can end the treatment at the doorway.

The areas around your bed should be treated heavily. All other furniture should be treated. Don’t forget the closets and the bathroom It is important to spray along the wall where your headboard lies. Spray the box spring, including underneath.

Mattress Encasement

Once you have steamed and sprayed your mattress, you will want to enclose it with a mattress encasement. Choose a high quality and strong mattress cover and be careful not to rip when you are putting it on This will keep any bed bugs that “got away” inside and away from you to eventually die from not getting their food source.

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